LACA Signs C4C Declaration

The Libraries and Archives Copyright Allicance (LACA) signed on to the C4C Declaration today to become the 26th signatory organisation.

LACA is an United Kingdom umbrella group convened by the Chartered Institute of Library and Information Professionals and advocates for a fair and balanced copyright regime that delivers universally accessible information and knowledge services in the digital age. LACA’s membership comprises library and archive copyright experts and representatives of the major UK library and archive organisations listed here.

LACA’s Secretary Barbara Stratton, who will be the coordinator of LACA’s involvement in C4C, made the following comment after she signed the Declaration today:

“The balanced copyright regime for the digital age advocated by the Declaration, which is fair to everyone in the information chain – content creators, entrepreneurs, users, and intermediaries such as libraries and archives – is essential to the safeguarding and further development of Europe’s vibrant knowledge economy and its free and open information society. Both are underpinned by the vital role of libraries and archives in making knowledge and information accessible to everyone, regardless of means and social status – but they need a fair and balanced copyright regime in Europe to be able to continue to do this to the same extent in the digital environment.”

Barbara Stratton is also a member of the IFLA Copyright and other Legal Matters Committee and the EBLIDA Expert Group on Information Law.