iCommons Signs C4C Declaration

iCommon signed on to the C4C Declaration today to become the 27th signatory organisation.

iCommons Ltd is a UK charity that was established by Creative Commons to promote open sharing on a global basis. It represent users of information, knowledge and culture. The membership is limited to charitable entities with similar missions and is currently comprised of the Instituto Overmundo, Creative Commons, Free Software Foundation Europe (FSFE),Computer Professionals for Social Responsibility (CPRS), and Multimedijalni institut (Mi2).

Diane Cabell, who will be iCommons’ contact person for C4C activities, made the following comment after she signed the Declaration: “C4C’s Declaration for Europe reflects the obvious and increasingly critical need to adapt copyright to modern times. One-size law no longer serves the wide diversity of content produced in a digital age; each of them has particular legal needs that are not necessarily of value to other types of works. Copyright law has been able to evolve to add special protection for newly emerging forms of creative content including special rights for film and broadcast; it now needs to evolve to protect the emerging generation of users and creators who need clear rights to offer and reuse digital work.”

We are excited about this latest expansion of the C4C membership and look forward to iCommons contributions.