C4C Hosts Event in Prague Under The Auspices Of Czech National Library, Ministry Of Culture

C4C is excited to organize a special event for Czech policymakers, civil servants and other interested stakeholders at the esteemed Hergetova Cihelná in Prague on December 6th, 2012.

The event, which will be held under the auspices of the Ministry of Culture and the National Library of the Czech Republic, will be themed “From Gatekeeper to Door Opener: How Copyright can Drive Creativity and Access in the 21st Century”.

The aim of this C4C event is to challenge the participants into “thinking differently” about copyright and illustrate why it matters to everyone. This is why jargon and legal references will be kept to a minimum and 50% of the time will be allocated to a discussion among the participants.

Our speakers, including renowned international creators and experts from the library, consumer and artist communities, will discuss the practical challenges they face and how copyright law could better support them in their work. The presentations will be followed by a moderated debate between rightsholder, creator and consumer representatives on the “pros” and “cons” of a number of specific, practical copyright propositions.

Detailed event program:

Opening and Welcome – Mr. Tomas Bohm, Director-General, National Library of the Czech Republic

Creativity in the Digital Age: The Shared Needs of Creators – Dr. Konrad Boehmer, Composer and former president of Dutch collecting society BUMA/Stemra

Copyright and Out-of-Commerce Works: Perspective of their Use in Libraries – Mr. Zdenek Matusik, Chair, International Relations Commission, Association of Library and Information Professionals of the Czech Republic (SKIP)

Creative Commons license in WebArchive: Benefits and Problems in Everyday Practice – Mr. Michal Pupcsik, Project Leader, National Library of the Czech Republic

Access to Information in the Digital Age: Legal Framework and Common Sense – Mr. Petr Jansa, Copyright Lawyer and founder of Creative Commons CZ

Opportunities and Challenges of the Czech Copyright ReviewJiri Cermak, Baker & McKenzie

Debate on a number of concrete and provocative copyright propositions:

Moderator: JolanaVoldanova

  • Educational institutions should never have to pay for the use of copyrighted works
  • Users and creators must be able to use copyrighted material to produce a new compound work for non-commercial purposes without needing a license
  • Artists should always get their copyrights back if those who control them fail to ensure they remain available to the public on reasonable terms

Panelist include:

  • Ing. Roman Strejcek, Chairman Board of Directors, OSA
  • Mr. PetrJansa, Copyright Lawyer and founder of Creative Commons CZ
  • Dr. KonradBoehmer, Composer and former president of Dutch collecting society BUMA

While the European Commission is expected to revisit the Copyright Directive, the Czech Republic is in the midst of reviewing its copyright legislation. Our event comes at a key moment, as the discussions on these important issues enter into a decisive stage.
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Speakers’ Bios

Tomáš Böhm
Mr. Böhm (1961) is the Director-General of the National Library of the Czech Republic. In the 1990s, he worked as a consultant in several companies and then as a finance manager at Creditanstalt Securities. At the turn of the millennium, he became a finance manager in Ringier ČR, where he was also a Member of the Board. From 2001, he successfully managed the company for five years. During the past several years, he has focused on economic consulting, emergency management, and media consulting in the field of printed media and book production. He has a degree from the University of Economics in Prague, and also studied in London. He speaks five languages. His hobbies include mainly literature and theatre.

Konrad Boehmer

Konrad is a noted composer of orchestral, dramatic, chamber and electronic music and for 35-years a professor of composition and music history at the Royal Conservatory, The Hague. He has been active in the authors’ rights movement as a member of CIAM, the international body representing composer-members of authors societies worldwide for 40 years as well many years spent as the immediate past President of BUMA/Stemra, the authors’ society of the Netherlands. He brings an understanding of the changing creative process for composers over recent decades of dramatic technological development and an insiders view of how the digital age has affected the management of rights and what can be done to improve access to works for all whilst ensuring creators’ rights are respected.

Zdeněk Matušík

image_thumb_MatusikMr. Zdeněk Matušík is Chair of the International Relations Commission, Association of Library and Information Professionals of the Czech Republic (SKIP).
After holding positions in a museum and in a the editorial office of a magazine, he has worked in the National Library of the Czech Republic in the public services section since 1990. Mr. Matušík focuses on the legal issues, especially those concerning copyright law, connected with the provision of library and information services. He is also a member of the Association of Library and Information Professionals of the Czech Republic (SKIP) and is a correspondent member of EBLIDA.

Michal Pupcsik,
MichalMichal Pupcsik is Project Leader at the, National Library of the Czech Republic. Born in Kladno in 1974, he currently studies information studies and librarianship (INSK) at the Faculty of Arts of Charles University in Prague. He has worked in bank IT (KB, IPB, ČSOB, ČMSS) since 1995, focusing primarily on development and administration of intranet systems and DMS.His interest in books and his need to archive everything brought him to the field of librarianship and to work in the web archive of the National Library of the Czech Republic. Hobbies: collector; currently building a private regional archive of old photographs and other memorables.

Petr Jansa

Petr Jansa is Copyright Lawyer and founder of Creative Commons CZ. Mr. Jansa is a lawyer and is most interested in how law forms public space. He encountered the limits of the existing copyright system when working on the Czech version of the Creative Commons license. He has obtained a deeper understanding of how much we deform our common space with law thanks to his cooperation with
Transparency International in the field of good administration and anti-corruption efforts. He currently works as a consultant as well as on his own projects.

Jiří Čermák

jiriJiří Čermák heads the Intellectual Property Group of the Baker & McKenzie’s Prague office. He has authored and co-authored a number of studies and publications, including Internet and Copyright Law. Mr. Čermák serves as vice president of the Czech IT Law Society, and is presently an arbiter for the Alternative Dispute Resolution for .eu domain name disputes. He is also admitted in the Czech Bar Association.



Jolana Voldánová, Moderator, Czech Television

Jolana_VoldanovaJolana Voldánová has been a news anchor and worked for the News Editorial Office of the Czech Television since 1993.
She previously worked for the Czechoslovak Radio from 1989-1992. Her television career includes a number of formats and shows: Daily News and Evening News (1993 – 1994), “21” (1994) and News and News Plus (since 1995).



Roman Strejček

foto_Roman_Strejekv1Ing. Roman Strejček is Chairman of the Board of Directors of OSA. He joined OSA in August 2005 as head of the broadcasting and on-line media department. He was appointed as a member of the board of OSA in December 2006, and has been chairman of the board of OSA since October 2007. Before joining OSA, he spent five years in the Swedish company Plus Licens operating in Central and Eastern Europe and in Scandinavia. This company dealt with licensing of TV and film products, fashion and sports brands in the area of promotion, broadcasting, and publishing. Education: graduated from the University of Economics, Prague with an Ing. degree