C4C Members Set to Participate as “Licensing Europe” Stakeholder Dialogues Get Underway

Several C4C members are slated to join the European Commission’s stakeholder dialogue working group sessions that begin next week as part the “Licensing Europe” initiative. C4C had been communicating with the Commission (including our recent letter to the Commissioners and President Barroso’s reply) to ensure that all stakeholders are being heard, especially on the issue of augmenting licensing models with sensible limitations and exceptions to copyright.

C4C members are expected to participate in several working groups: CCIA, ENCES, LIBER, EDRi are all planning to contribute to the text mining working group (with EuroISPA and EBLIDA as observers). IMMF and EuroISPA will take part in both the cross-border access/portability of services working group and the one devoted to user-generated content and licensing of small-scale users of protected material. EuroISPA will also be on the working group focusing on audiovisual material and cultural heritage.

The dialogues get underway this coming Monday, with initial talks expected to center on defining the scope of issues and related goals, timetables and methodologies. C4C is planning coordination meetings involving our members who are participating in the dialogues as well as those who are not. We’ll be providing updates and working to ensure that all views are brought to the table.