C4C Signatory LIBER Publishes Statement on Copyright in the Digital Age

C4C welcomes the Statement [PDF] on copyright in the digital age published today by our signatory LIBER, the Association of European Research Libraries.

LIBER’s statement is intended to guide its members when responding to the European Commission’s public consultation on the review of the EU copyright rules, which runs until 5 February 2014.  Dr. Paul Ayris, President of LIBER, considers that  the consultation is a “great opportunity to create an academic-friendly copyright regime in Europe”, and calls upon libraries to make a difference by responding to the Commission’s consultation exercise. 

In order to create an “an environment of legal certainty that fosters research, innovation and creativity and does not create barriers to education and learning” LIBER advocates three high-level principles, namely that:

  1. Copyright should foster, not hinder, innovation and competitiveness;
  2. Access to and use of publicly funded research should not be unduly restricted by copyright; and,
  3. Preservation of, and access to, cultural heritage must be supported by copyright exceptions.

All relevant information on the EC’s consultation can be found here.