You Can Fix Copyright! Send in your contribution to the European Commission by 5 March 2014

At the beginning of December, the European Commission launched its much anticipated public consultation on the review of the EU copyright rules, aimed at

‘… ensuring that the EU copyright regulatory framework stays fit for purpose in the digital environment to support creation and innovation, tap the full potential of the Single Market, foster growth and investment in our economy and promote cultural diversity.’

It is a well known fact that these types of consultations are often only answered by the ‘usual suspects’, namely advocacy organisations that closely follow the copyright discussions and hence do not feel daunted by the extreme technical nature of the questions asked and the length (80 questions!) of the published consultation.

Yet copyright is not a matter that should be looked at by specialists only: it pervades our life and society, affects citizens’ fundamental freedoms such as privacy, free expression, access to knowledge and more generally the creativity and innovation potential of Europe.

This is why C4C has mobilised a number of its signatories as well as non-signatories (see here) to launch the campaign, and put together an answering wizard that aims at facilitating the process of responding to the EC consultation by allowing people to:

1. Get a selection of questions relevant to them depending on their interests (online users, teachers, librarians, cultural heritage representatives, users with disabilities, etc.). This does not mean they have to answer all of these questions but filters out what is likely to be most relevant to them.

2. Get an explanation on what the questions put forward by the European Commission mean in ‘normal language’ and what possible elements of answer can be provided. There again: it is up to the person filling in the answering wizard to provide their own answers, the provided explanations only serving as guidance.


Copyright is broken in Europe and YOU have until 5 March to let the European Commission know how they should fix it. Go to our Answering Wizard and answer the European Consultation on Copyright Review to have your voice heard. Please circulate this email, tweet about it and let EU citizens and advocacy associations now that NOW is the time to Fix Copyright! If you have a website, display one of our Call for Action buttons available here. You can also follow us on twitter or contact us via email. And make noise using the #FixCopyright hashtag!

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