2819 responses collected with two key messages on how to #FixCopyright: NO to ancillary copyright – YES to freedom of panorama

2819 responses collected with two key messages on how to #FixCopyright: NO to ancillary copyright – YES to freedom of panorama

Thank you!

We are pleased to inform you that after closing the YouCanFixCopyright Answering Tool on 14 June, we were able to transfer 2.819 responses on the public consultation on ancillary copyright and freedom of panorama to the European Commission. Moreover, our copyright educational videos on ancillary copyright and freedom of panorama were also quite a hit, as they already attracted more than 3.250 views each.

We would like to express our sincere appreciation for everyone’s efforts to help us make the #FixCopyright campaign around the public consultation such a huge success! We are looking into possible new actions to continue our efforts throughout the discussions on the review of the copyright framework, and we hope to be able to count on the continued support of our members and the general public. A special thanks also goes out to our friends from Save the Link, who supported us by referring to our website and keeping the fire alive.

So what is the message?

When you look at data, it is sometimes difficult to extract the meaning coming out of the responses to a consultation, especially in Brussels, the city where black and white sometimes occur but everything mostly bathes in shades of grey.

Well, let’s say that the results of this consultation in terms of the responses collected through our tool were pretty clear: No to ancillary copyright (aka neighbouring rights) and Yes to freedom of panorama. Of course, as C4C we sent in our own response which can be found here and which is very much along the same lines. And if you want to have some background information about the consultation and how the various envisaged rights could affect stakeholders, the FAQ part of the website is still live.

The infographics below paint indeed a clear picture about how people think the European institutions should #FixCopyright, and frankly we think that message is the much looked after rainbow in the grey skies. Of course, the responses we collected must be added up with the responses the European Commission collected directly and we look forward to the publication of the total set of answers, to dig more deeply into the available data. So watch this space!

Show me the numbers!

Download the an image of the infographics: Potential Impact, Actual Effects & Freedom of Panorama