C4C Co-Signs Open Letter on the European Media Freedom Act (EMFA) to the European Parliament

Along with over 40 organisations, C4C co-signed an open letter on the European Media Freedom Act (EMFA) addressed to the European Parliament.

These signatories call on the Members of the European Parliament involved in the debate to ensure that the EMFA will fulfill its potential and become a strong regulation establishing harmonised legal safeguards across Europe.

Media freedom and pluralism is the precondition of stable democracy and the rule of law.

What are some of the issues at stake?

  • Many journalists throughout the EU find themselves in increasingly captured media markets, where independent voices are sidelined due to economic pressure;
  • Journalists and media outlets struggle for financial viability;
  • Critical media outlets are often vilified by politicians.;
  • Access to financial resources is limited; and,
  • Politically influenced media takeovers create an imbalanced media system.

The EMFA should address these issues and protect free media by outlining European standards on:

  • freedom from editorial interference and illegal surveillance;
  • guaranteeing media pluralism;
  • providing greater #transparency on ownership and state financing;
  • ending the abuse of state funds to create clientelist media;
  • protecting the independence of public service media and the independence of national regulatory authorities; and,
  • ensuring there is an economic environment in which independent journalism can flourish.